Mascara or Mascary?

I always hear people say that they think so and so is wearing too much makeup or too much MASCARA. For me personally, I love loads and coats and layers, the whole nine yards, onlashes! I love to see long, think, and volumous lashes. Mine tend to look fake sometimes because I go over the top, but tell me, do ya’ll think that it’s an attractive look? Or is just one or two layers enough for you? I’ve talked to people who honestly think mascara sghould be subtle. But give me some feedback! Here are some celeb lashes that I love! (Though I know some of these are fake, they CAN be achieved with mascara!)

  1. big thick lashes are awesome. you can never have enough mascara

  2. I believe the more, thicker, the better. I have very subtle eyelashes (very short and light) So mascara totally boost my confidence and makes me feel much more feminine.

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