Feeling Kerr?

If you love seeing Victoria Secret models wearing your designer favorites, then you’ll love to hear that Miranda Kerr will indeed be walking as one of the main models for tomorrow’s Balenciaga show. She recently went under a lot of conterversy when she was at the Victoria’s Secret photoshoot looking a tad bit frail, but I think she has the ideal body for high fashion. In case you don’t know her, here’s an older picture of her from the VS fashion show…

I love that big, sexy hair!


Jessica Szohr on Lucky.com!

If you love Jessica Szohr and want to know any of her fashion secrets, make sure to pick up the new issue of Lucky! But until you can do that…here is the link: http://www.luckymag.com/magazine/2010/04/jessica_szohr_herway?mid=fabsugar

Mascara or Mascary?

I always hear people say that they think so and so is wearing too much makeup or too much MASCARA. For me personally, I love loads and coats and layers, the whole nine yards, onlashes! I love to see long, think, and volumous lashes. Mine tend to look fake sometimes because I go over the top, but tell me, do ya’ll think that it’s an attractive look? Or is just one or two layers enough for you? I’ve talked to people who honestly think mascara sghould be subtle. But give me some feedback! Here are some celeb lashes that I love! (Though I know some of these are fake, they CAN be achieved with mascara!)

Merry Different Marion

Marion Cotillard is known natonally in France and internationally including the United States. She was in movies such as Public Enemies (Johnny Depp and Christan Bale!!). But she is constantly changing her styles, including her hair. Which style do you think is the best?

New Fashion Power Couple?

Kanye West has been subject to much controversy throughout his whole life, and especially recently (note:Taylor Swift VMA incident) But Kanye West has always been an amazing artist and male fashionista, but is there someone else out there who matches his bright and colorful style? Seems there is, Amber Rose is a model AKA video vixen and she has been known in Hollywood within a couple months for her risky outfits. Some of her outfits include a g-string on the beach, to a skin-tight animal print bodysuit. Do ya’ll think they have the potential to be the next IT celeb fashion couple? They defenitly have couragous fashion choices for it!

Are We Even Better?

Clinique has had the product line of “Even Better” for quite some time. The line features skin care products that reduce and remove aging and discoloration. I reviewed the product with the “Even Better Skin Tone Corrector” and it has drastically changed the appearance of dark spots and discoloration on my face. I used to have discoloration around where my upper lip is and ow you can barely even tell it’s there! I cannot wait to get the clinical one and maybe EVEN try out the rest of the products. I recommend this to anyone who has problems with discoloration.

Can You Guess Who?

Can you guess who this legendary designer is?
Hint:She has a line with Hilary Duff!