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Gorgeous Hair With Spirit!

The Independent Spirit Awards have just passed us, and though I didn’t see anybody that had beautiful makeup or an amazing outfit on, I did see beautifuil hair. Olivia Wilde and Rachelle Lefevre seemed to have a similar hairstyle going on, long, beautiful waves. This look is easy to achieve with just some frizz-fighting product, hairspray, and one of those barrel curls in which you must make the curls/waves yourself (they’re usually sold in the little kiosks in the middle of the mall) When you get out of the shower, let your hair air dry, put some frizz fighting product, then began curing small to medium sections…and if you have done it right, you probably have pretty waves or curls like these leading ladies! 🙂

Wow or What?

Gareth Pugh has recently been showing off some new looks on his models, the look includes little metal chains hanging off his models’ nails. He is a favorite of Beyonce and Lady Gaga, so you know he must be a little on the wild side! His new collection included a ‘tough girl’ metal look, so he hired nail technician, Marian Newman to complete the look of his collection. So give me some feedback! Is it cool and creative or pointless and unattractive?

Some of his fashion and runway pieces.

Slithery Snakes

I have an obsession with snake jewelry, I think it gives an amazingly beautiful touch. It looks Egyptian and frankly so exotic. Here are some pieces I really appreciate. Snake jewelry really spruces up a plain outfit.

All these pieces can be purchased at Saks Fifth, Bloomingdales, and Kohls 🙂

The Best of The Oscars!

 As many of you know, the Oscars are coming up! This is the perfect opportunity to see new stars or our old favorites dress up in the nicest clothes and with their hair and makeup looking perfected! Last year, we were graced with seeing some beautiful women really step out and look fierce! I hope hope hope that this year we can get some new inspiration, fingers crossed! But until sunday, let’s look at the Oscars last year and some of the most gorgeous women stepping out.

 Her dress is made with real crystals and she adds sophistication with the nicely done updo and a cute touch with the belt.

Her dress is my favorite one! She played up the fact that she has the nicest skin for solid black and she knew to wear subtle jewelry considering the statement her dress makes.

Angelina and Brad look like the perfect couple. Brad’s tuxedo and plain and simple, but his main accessory is Angie. She glows with her jewels. Pure perfection.

I’m not a big Jessica B fan, but this dress looks perfect on her skin tone and has a hugely cute touch with the ribbon.

Elegant, beautiful, and age appropriate.

I love Natalie! She is so talented. She has a very cute kiddy look, so she played it up with a bubblegum pink strapless dress and her eyeliner and eye makeup in general is a real statement. Also, props to her hair stylist, I love the hair!

Do You Love Jennifer?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted last night wearing what looks to be a bandage Herve Ledger. She definitely looks like she has toned up recently! She looks happy and healthy. She was all smiles during the event with her confidence shining, do you find her look cute? Sexy? Or like she’s trying too hard? Here is a before and after, she’s definitely undergone a transformation! 🙂

January 2008

March 2010

Renee Attends Vera Wang Opening

Here is Renee Zellweger attending the launch of Vera Wang’s store in L.A, do ya’ll like her outfit? Her haircut seems cute in a little bit of a bob! I love the top and she is defenitley rocking something from the runway to real life.